Travel has changed drastically since the package holiday days of the 1970’s which saw a massive rise in social travel for holidays and leisure, rather than purely for business. However, these days people expect much more than a dingy hotel room, and are far less likely to travel en masse. Flat sharing has become a popular way to see the world from a local point of view and allows for a fuller, more in depth holiday experience.

Major Changes in the Way we See the World

Back in the 1970’s, as air fares became affordable to everyone, package companies sold block bookings in newly erected concrete hotels in Spain and Majorca. Buses ferried large groups of tourists between airport and hotel, and the reputation of the British abroad suffered. In demand were fish and chip shops and genuine pubs – just like back at home, and everyone was expected to speak English. However people soon began to want more. Out went the garish package holiday and in came a new way of thinking, and individual travel to exciting, often far flung places with the intention of actually seeing something of that country’s culture. Flat sharing became a favourite way to enjoy a genuine local experience, and is still a great option. Whether you’re looking for a flat sharing holiday where you’ll have a flat to yourself while someone else enjoys yours, or whether you’d like to try flat sharing with a homeowner abroad, the choices are excellent and cost effective.

Travel Trends Today

People today are far less inclined to pass their holiday planning over to a package holiday operator or travel agent. Instead they want to book everything from flights and accommodation, to travel within the country they’re visiting by themselves. Travel today is about having the opportunity to really discover something new, and flat sharing is one of the best ways to see a city or country. Living in an area where locals live and work, eating at the same restaurants they do, enjoying the same entertainment, beaches, transport and facilities is a real bonus for the intrepid traveller of today. Flats are generally far better equipped, and of a higher standard than budget hotels, offering a smart solution to those who want exceptional facilities with all the comforts of a real home for a comparable outlay.

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