Adventure of a lifetime? Possibly, for those who wish for the great outdoors and doing it naturally. Nothing beats getting back to your roots in nature. The beautiful tranquillity of autumn sunshine in Austria, glittering wintered snow slopes in Switzerland or spring blossom smothered meadows in Ireland! Camping is the way to go. What better destination than the delights of Europe. Untold adventures waiting to be explored in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. You will discover that Europe is rich in culture and heritage and steeped in histories.

How Do We Do It?

Roll up a tent, pack some clothes, pick up a sleeping bag and don’t forget the toothbrush, then set off for a dream camping trip, creating memories wherever you go. Plan your trip beforehand, including all the sites you would love to see and make sure you have noted all the camping facilities, a multitude of them listed throughout Europe and available at all noted travel agents, with all the necessary facilities you require. Some prefer the real basics and others a little more on the luxurious side with hot showers and the odd luxury spa or restaurant on route! I mean, what happens if you chip a nail! Disastrous! But however you prefer your comforts or lack of them, there will always be a camping spot or spots, made to suit your needs within Europe’s wonderous expanse of gorgeous scenery. Sightseeing is a must! You can enjoy all of these delights without breaking the bank! Most countries within the EEC do not require visas but it would be wise to check at your local travel agent when booking campsites.

Where to go

From snowcapped mountain tops in Switzerland where the chill nips your skin to grassy meadows dotted with sheep and teaming in the beauty of fluttering creatures down to the beautiful sandy beaches where the waves lap gently against the shore of Spain as you sip a cocktail while the sun sets, there is so much to enjoy. Round a crackling fire sharing life stories with new friends, by camping you can enjoy all of these. You have the option of taking as little or as much as you like with you and carrying your bed on your back can be most rewarding when sharing the experience with a loved one and meeting the friendly locals of each and every country who greet you with open and welcoming hearts. Whatever you choose, open your mind (and your lungs!) to a new and wonderous experience you will never forget.

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