When you talk of holidays in Uzbekistan, then you would probably be talking of visiting the famous Silk Road and the most brilliant cities of Samarkand, Khiva, and Bukhara. Strolling through the barren and landlocked Uzbekistan country to explore these ancient cities has much to offer.

Places to visit during your holidays in Uzbekistan

A typical tourist route taken in Uzbekistan starts with Samarkand. It is considered the garden of the soul, the jewel of Islam and the world’s mirror due to its greatest architectural ensemble and the mythical resonance of Atlantis. Here, you can visit the mosque, the markets, and the mausoleum. You will also explore the magnificent tomb of Tamerlane and the observatory of Uleg Bek as well as the street of tombs. Once you are done, head to the Bukhara where you will experience the architectural marvel and the war hospitality of the locals. This is the centre of craftsmanship, science, and spiritualism. The narrow alleyways separated with heavy and imposing carved wooden doors, delightful squares with pools, fountains and the only monument in the city Kaylon minaret are pleasing to the eyes. The next stop is Khiva, which is a true masterpiece of history, culture, and architecture. Though you will unmistakably hate the road, the trip will be worth your try. Here, you will explore the harem, bazaar, mosques, and view the medressas from the twisting alleyways.

Hidden gems

Your holidays in Uzbekistan are not complete without a trip to some of the hidden places such as the Nuratau Mountains. Here, there is an eco-tourism community of rural home stays in the lush green river valleys. Buildings are constructed out of the local rocks and according to the tradition. These are sited in big gardens under the old mulberry and walnut trees. In addition, a trip to the historic buildings of Ichon-Qala as well as the Urgench is worthwhile. You can also travel to the shrinking Aral Sea and see the ships that are stranded beyond the water edge. Pay a visit to the Airdarkul Lake or watch the sunset at the Nuratinski mountains as you eat fish over a campfire then sleep in a yurt.

Holidays in Uzbekistan are worth every penny. From the great architectural, culture, history, markets and the famous Silk routes, you will clearly be enchanted with this country.

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