For cycling enthusiasts who like nothing more than discovering new sights and sounds on their travels, nothing can quite compete with a cycling holiday in Vietnam. Staying in comfortable accommodation en route to your final destination you’ll soon discover that Vietnam has so much to offer visitors. With fantastic weather, friendly people, ancient wonders to see and beautiful Buddhist pagodas to capture on film, Vietnam provides the perfect location for an unforgettable cycling vacation. On your cycling tour journey you’re sure to pass magnificent French built mansions and incredible boulevards. Intriguing art galleries can be found in abundance, French style cafes are perfect to drop into to sample a delicious coffee while outside, the Vietnamese people stroll at a leisurely pace.

Enjoy a cycling tour with a difference

The difference between a cycling tour in Vietnam and one closer to home is that you will see buildings, architecture, restaurants and homes that have been influenced by the Chinese, the Americans and of course the Asian people. Take in the wonderful atmosphere as you cycle through towns, villages then on to the spectacular countryside. Cycle tours are professionally organised by fellow cyclists who can recommend appropriate journeys according to their guests’ fitness levels. For the very fit how about cycling from Hanoi in the north to Ho Chi Minh City in the south? Cycling guides will take you to undiscovered parts of Vietnam using their local knowledge and expertise.

The ultimate cycling holiday

For the ultimate in a cycling holiday look no further than a visit to Vietnam. Here you can soon discover why so many cyclists from all over the world are enjoying a vacation in this thrilling country. Riding through mountain passes, seeing all Vietnam has to offer in the way of heritage and culture along with accepting the warmth of the locals, makes for a true holiday of a lifetime. Get the best of both worlds by taking a cycling holiday if you love being out on the open road and at the same time, visit a country that has a very interesting history.

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