Discovering Hemingway’s Paris

Even today you can still sip a premium coffee in a Parisian cafe and soak up the atmosphere once experienced by Ernest Miller Hemingway. The great American writer and winner of the 1954 Nobel Prize for Literature lived in the French capital in the 1920s and his

Social Travel Trends

Travel has changed drastically since the package holiday days of the 1970’s which saw a massive rise in social travel for holidays and leisure, rather than purely for business. However, these days people expect much more than a dingy hotel room, and are far less likely to

Holidays off the Beaten Track: Ecuador

Ecuador may not  but the first place that springs to mind when you are thinking of where to spend your next holiday, but this South American paradise has plenty to offer. Located north of the continent, with the Pacific Ocean just off its western coast, its equatorial

Tokyo on Foot

There are so many benefits associated with renting a holiday home in Tokyo. This vibrant city has a lot to offer and there is plenty to do, to keep you occupied during your home stay. When you rent a holiday flat in Tokyo, you’ll be able to

Adventure Holidays for all the Family

Adventure holidays are a great idea, the ideal opportunity to get together and have some fun. There are so many fantastic destinations to explore and exciting activities for all of the family to enjoy as well as being educational too, especially for the children. Travelling in a

Cycling Tours of Vietnam

For cycling enthusiasts who like nothing more than discovering new sights and sounds on their travels, nothing can quite compete with a cycling holiday in Vietnam. Staying in comfortable accommodation en route to your final destination you’ll soon discover that Vietnam has so much to offer visitors.

Holidays off the Beaten Track: Uzbekistan

When you talk of holidays in Uzbekistan, then you would probably be talking of visiting the famous Silk Road and the most brilliant cities of Samarkand, Khiva, and Bukhara. Strolling through the barren and landlocked Uzbekistan country to explore these ancient cities has much to offer.

Camping Adventures in Europe

Adventure of a lifetime? Possibly, for those who wish for the great outdoors and doing it naturally. Nothing beats getting back to your roots in nature. The beautiful tranquillity of autumn sunshine in Austria, glittering wintered snow slopes in Switzerland or spring blossom smothered meadows in Ireland!